Signature Green Screen Studio


Green Screen Photography is a fun and interactive addition to any event. Our professional photographer will shoot your guests against a green backdrop. This allows us to instantly place the guests' image, devoid of any background, within a pre-designed digital scene. This can be a "step-and-repeat" logo-encrusted pattern (great for elegant galas), or a custom design created around your event theme. The photo includes full branding with your event title and any logos you wish to display. All guests receive a print to take home, a perfect keepsake of the good times they had at your event. They can also share their photo on social media, thereby amplifying your event.


Unlimited design ideas: We can create a custom scene tailored to your event or you can choose photo designs from our expansive library of images. Ask about our special "Portland, Oregon" collection, a great way to give your out-of-town guests a lasting souvenir of their experience here.


How It Works


Setup: We can set up our mobile green screen photo studio just about anywhere in your event venue -- within a ballroom or foyer, even in a wide corridor.  

Lighting: Our photographer employs professional studio lighting to achieve the high-quality images you require.

Printing: Our on-site high-quality photo printer offers a range of formats: 2" x 6" strips, 4" x 6" postcard-size, or a larger 5" x 7". We provide unlimited prints, ensuring that all guests in a group pose will receive a print of their own to take home.




Elegant photo frames

For that extra touch of class, we can mount your guests' prints within elegant black foil-trim photo frames that your guests can display on their desks or mantles.

Social media package

After receiving their prints, your guests are invited to use our Social Media Station to share their photos on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. They may also send digital copies to themselves or others via text or email.

The social media uploads appear to recipients as thumbnail images. When clicked, they open up to a dedicated web page (that we'll create for you before the event). This page can include, for example, additional text and images about your organization -- a great way for charity groups to amplify their fundraising goals.