GOLF Photography PRICING

We offer 3 levels of photographic coverage for golf tournament, corresponding to your specific needs and budget. Pricing starts at only $500.

Team photos:  This service provides great group shots of each foursome, captured on the course.

Team photos + Action shots:  In addition to shooting foursome portraits, our sports photographer will capture players in action, with particular focus on their swings.

Team photos + Action shots + Event candids:  In addition to foursome portraits and action photography, we'll capture all of the fun surrounding your golfing event: shots at registration, landscape photos that capture the beauty of the grounds, photos of players against the backdrops of sponsor stands & signage, plus coverage of the awards luncheons/dinners and candid shots of all the social mingling.

And each level of coverage can be delivered in one of three service packages:


PAR: Web delivery only.  This is our most economic service. All photos will be available on a dedicated web gallery soon after the tournament and players will be able to download any photos they like in either web-optimized or high-resolution format. 

BIRDIE: Web delivery + Onsite printing.  We'll set up our high-quality color printer onsite to print out team photos. Players will return to the clubhouse after their round to pick up their high-quality 4” x 6” print, framed in an elegant black onyx folder with foil trimming. We will design a digital overlay in advance featuring the Tournament title and logos of your organization and/or sponsors. All images will also be available via web gallery.

EAGLE:  Web delivery + Onsite printing + Social Media Station: While picking up their prints, players will use our Social Media Station to share their team photos to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. They can use our station to send digital copies of photos to themselves via email or text. The social media images appear within a dedicated webpage, featuring the sponsor logos as well as information about the organization or cause, thus giving photo recipients more information about the organization or fundraising cause. The Social Media Station is only available with the onsite printing service.  

Bonus for Event Candids with Eagle service package: We'll provide a slideshow feed so you can display a selection of great photos of the day, along with your sponsor logos, during the luncheon/dinner & awards presentation.



Pricing varies by day of week, duration of event, number of players and your specific requirements. Please complete form below to receive a custom quote.

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