Childrens Cancer Association's 2017 Wonderball | Charity Gala Photography

Children's Cancer Association

2017 Wonderball

Oregon Convention Center

Certain events have the ability to take you through a range of emotions and leave you with a full heart, the Wonderball is one of those events. The event attracted around 850 people and raised $1.4 million dollars for the cause. This years theme was "Age of Aquarius" and there were so many great 70's inspired outfits plus, CCA did a stellar job with all the decor. Everything from custom buttons to pristine vintage Volkswagen's staged around the hallways of the convention center.  (read more below)

Attendees started the evening by exploring the various rooms and attractions, as well as bidding on all of the rad silent auction items. After finding their tables and seats, guests were treated to an amazing, Hendrix inspired version of the National Anthem. It ROCKED!

During dinner, guests were treated to some more fantastic music and a few speakers. CCA Founder, Regina Ellis gave a heartfelt speech that really drove home the point of this amazing night. Tears flowed freely as we heard from a young cancer survivor, who herself was helped by CCA. Ending the night was a tribute to all the children along with their supporters, complete with hand made signs and singing along to "With a Little Help from My Friends". 

Check out CCA and all of the great work they do because "Joy Matters" :



The Beginning


It was 2014 when my fiancé and I decided we were going to pack up our lives and convince the dog that we were going to leave DC and move to the sunniest place on earth, Portland. When we finally arrived in November 2015, the next 30 days of straight rain gave us ample time to decide on our next steps. How could I translate my East coast photography career into something that would blossom and work in this new area?

Before I left DC, I had sent out many “feeler” emails to get a sense of what was happening in the Portland market. Out of the 30 or so messages I sent out, I received only one response back. This gentleman was running a Photo Booth company and was using programs and software that I was already up to speed on, so we started a working together on events around the city. After a couple of months, I noticed some inconsistencies in the market and we started spit-balling ideas on how we could fill this need. Portland Photography was started with the goal to provide Portland area businesses and organizations a high quality, dependable and professional source for all of their photography needs.

With this blog we plan to tell our story, and help educate clients on the industry and how we can work together to exceed expectations. I look forward to sharing a behind the scenes look at my creative process, along with how we run our business, and tips and tricks for other photographers who are looking to learn.


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